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Optical Flow Module

Video Camera

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Wi-Fi Camera

Wired Camera

Mini Camera



First-person view to feel the fun of playing

The application can control the toy car by connecting to the device WIFI, and can see the content of the camera on the car in real time. Car-FPV can also capture pictures or video to save to the phone.


Self-dental care at home

Teeth deserve a lifetime of care for everyone. Frequent self-examinations using the dental mirror paired with this app can reveal subtle changes in your teeth in a timely manner, and by taking pictures and videos of your teeth, you can very easily show and consult with your doctor.


Remote Care for Family

Remote real-time intelligent monitoring; automatic opening of infrared lens at night; two-way voice intercom; motion detection, automatic pushing of alarm messages to cell phones, so that you can check the situation at home at any time outside.


Car recorder for your car

By connecting to the car recorder installed in the front or rear of the car, the driver can observe the surroundings of the vehicle in real time from inside the car, while the built-in reverse assist line can provide more accurate instructions when reversing. The convenient photo and video recording function and TF card file management function ensure the safety of the files in the car recorder.

LeLe Cam

Download photos and videos taken by your baby

Come and become a little photographer! Show the unique perspective of children with the children's camera in your hands. After shooting, use this app to download pictures and videos from the camera to your phone for easy sharing with your family.


Remote monitoring without login

The remote camera applies P2P technology, allowing you to monitor, record and share remotely without logging in.


Observing the microscopic world

This application, together with the handheld electron microscope, enables close HD viewing of microscopic objects by adjusting the resolution and focal length, while supporting photo and video recording of microscopic objects. Basic viewing and deletion functions are provided for photos and videos saved to the phone.

Sports DV

Record wonderful sports moments

SpotsDV is a communication with the sports camera through wifi, get the camera screen to display on the APP, the user can control the sports camera on the APP to take photos and videos and view media files, etc.

Sports Camera

Record wonderful sports moments

With the sports camera, not only can you view the recording effect afterwards, but also watch the footage in real time; not only can you save the pictures and videos taken to the TF card that comes with the sports camera, but also take pictures and videos in real time and save them to your phone; you can choose from a variety of recording modes at any time, and download the pictures and videos on the TF card to your phone wirelessly to share at any time.


Non-destructive testing with industrial endoscopes

This application works with a WIFI camera for industrial endoscopic inspection. Pictures and videos of the inside of the equipment can be obtained for non-destructive inspection without removing or damaging the equipment being inspected.